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Mind/Body Reset: Days 4&5

I intended to blog each day of my detox, but yesterday life happened and I didn't have time which in my world would count as a failure. Everything that could go wrong at work did, I had countless zoom calls scheduled, family priorities, and guests coming to visit, but writing my blog was on my list and I didn't get it done so in my book I failed my mission. When I said this to my boyfriend he just looked at me and said "why don't you do days 4&5 together or just do one post for the weekend?" Hmmm..... not adding so much to my to-do list that I make it impossible for superwoman to get it completed? It's an unfamiliar concept, but it sounded lovely. So instead of taking the blog I enjoy and turning it into a chore on my to-do list, I will update my journey and progress on a consistent and regular basis, but if is not every single day I'm not going to punish myself.

Friday was day 4 of my detox and I have to admit I got derailed. I had the best of intentions but veered from my plan. Like I mentioned it was a crazy day, but I adhered to the anti-inflammatory plan for the majority of the day. We had plans to go to a local ethnic fest with friends where I knew there would be plenty of amazing food, sweet treats, and adult beverages. I thought about skipping it altogether to avoid the temptations, but I didn't want to miss it and the truth is I can't and don't want to check out of life and give up all joy because I'm allergic to yeast and trying to detox. Skipping this festival we look forward to each year seemed absurd so instead, I prepared and planned for it. Because I knew I would be more likely to indulge in the ethnic yummies and libations if I showed up hungry I decided to eat before we left choosing to have a salad with salmon and grilled veggies.

The amazing smells filled the air. The kids were eating donuts, and my boyfriend was enjoying adult beverages. Even though I wasn't hungry it was still hard to resist all of the goodness that surrounded me. I wanted to grab the donut right out of my niece's hand and lick the sprinkles off it and I would've killed for an ice cream cone, but alas I passed on both. Not being hungry definitely helped fight those urges. I must admit I did have a sip of my boyfriend's hard seltzer (he's a basic bitch) which was apparently enough to trigger me to veer from the plan. I was so proud of myself for overcoming all of the temptations at the festival, but I have to admit that when we got home I gave in to my cravings and had a peanut butter whiskey and some dark chocolate M&Ms.

I was disappointed in myself, but then I had another thought. Part of this journey is about the anti-inflammatory detox, but the other part is about changing my mindset. All of the detox and work on the physical body are irrelevant if I continue all of the negative self-talk and punishment. Yes. I wish I skipped the nightcap and the sweet treat, but I didn't. I reflected on it and thought about what I could have done differently and now I need to move past it. Instead of focusing on the "slip up" I am choosing to focus on the positives from the day. I am proud of myself for having a healthy meal before went and choosing not to indulge in the fried delicacies or cave into my sweet tooth. And damn it, I'm super fucking proud of myself for not stealing a donut from a child! We had an awesome time dancing the night away to polka music and being silly. So I am not an epic failure or loser, but I am human.

We're all going to have days like this. It's called life and sometimes in spite of our best efforts and intentions we make mistakes, don't get everything done on our to-do list, make mistakes, or drink peanut butter whiskey and eat M&Ms. Shit happens people, but ya know what? When we make mistakes it gives us a chance to learn and make improvements. I didn't fucking fail, I just gave myself an opportunity to start over. I can reset, refocus and re-commit to the anti-inflammatory detox and if I get off track I'll start over again. That's what we learned in elementary school isn't it? If at first, you don't succeed, try try again.

Saturday, day 5 is a new day. I did feel sluggish this morning and slept in a bit. I am learning to pay attention to how I feel when I do eat the foods that cause inflammation to help reinforce the positive effects of eliminating these types of foods from my diet. I moved past the regret phase more quickly today and allowed myself a fresh start. I went for a run and hit the gym with my favorite human (my son). I'm enjoying a beautiful day with my family and going back to polka fest tonight. I am staying committed to my nutrition plan and also committed to enjoying life and the people in it.

I am not going to let feelings of guilt ruin the day or the weekend and neither should you. Start over. Try again. Don't set unrealistic goals. Screw the insurmountable lists. Our relationship with food is a marathon, not a sprint. Forgive yourself and make healthy choices today!

Some tips to get back on track if you "slip up" :

  • Forgive yourself, let it go, and then get back on track

  • Don’t have your ‘treat meal’ if you had it scheduled for later in the week

  • Throw in an extra training session if it makes you feel more in control, but no need for over-training and stressing your body out

  • Eat a little more clean for the rest of the week but don’t obsess over it or do some radical fast

  • Focus for a minute on how you are feeling – the disappointment, guilt, shame…and then think about how proud you feel when you don’t grab that muffin or eat all that cheese…

  • Embrace the feeling of being in control of your weight and health

Try these affirmations of mine:

  • I love you and I forgive you

  • I am in control of my mind and my body

  • I lovingly and willingly let go of all feelings of guilt and shame.

  • My body is my temple and I do my best to love and respect it

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