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Mind/Body Reset: Day 3 Anti-Inflammatory Detox & Dining Out

Day three of the detox was a reminder of how difficult it can be to overcome temptation. It can be so tough to stick to a detox, healthy eating plan, or healthy lifestyle in general with so many temptations in our lives. Today was one of those days for me. In a controlled environment it is much easier to stay on track with my anti-inflammatory plan, but today I had a lunch meeting with a client that tested my commitment. The menu was very tempting with few options that didn't contain yeast or foods that are high on the inflammatory list. I chose a salad with salmon on it. No cheese, no croutons, oil and vinegar on the side. Just protein and veggies. A pretty safe option to avoid the dreaded yeast.

The real temptation came after the meal when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. I don't typically eat dessert, but I also didn't want to be rude if my client wanted to indulge. I declined, but he insisted she tell me about the desserts. She started rattling off a glorious list of sweet treats that was making my mouth water. I did contemplate ordering something, but stuck to my guns and politely declined and was very proud of myself. I did have to remind myself of the commitment I made to take control of my health and how badly I want to figure out what foods are causing me to feel the worst.

It can be hard to stick to a plan this restrictive, especially in social settings, but again it's about focusing on what I'm gaining by making these changes instead of what I'm giving up. I find it helpful to look at a restaurant's menu before I go. That way I'm prepared when I get there and can focus on my guests instead of trying to pick apart the entire menu to try to find a yeast-free option. I'm also not shy to ask for special requests when I order. I know some people hate doing this, but I've never been met with a refusal when I make a special request. I wouldn't go too extreme and be all "Karen" about it, but if you ask politely and or explain your special circumstances most restaurants are happy to accommodate.

Admittedly, it is much easier to stick to the plan without going out to eat and the majority of the time(whether doing a detox or not) eating at home is my preference. When we prepare our food at home we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. Many restaurants have menus containing foods that are deep-fried, high in fat and sugar, and processed. So if you can eat at home that's the best choice, but if you choose to eat out make sure to look for restaurants that offer healthier selections. When in doubt choose options that contain green leafy vegetables and lean protein and steer clear of the deep-fried, sugary options found on a lot of menus.

The best practice is to avoid or prepare yourself for temptations along this journey, but I want to also remind you to be kind and forgiving to yourself if you're not perfect. Just because you are doing a cleanse doesn't mean you're not human. Sometimes we give into temptations. It doesn't mean we have failed or you have to scrap the whole detox plan. I've struggled for years about beating myself up if I "slip up" and eat something I'm not supposed to. I will spend days punishing myself for eating something "bad." Part of this journey for me is about being kinder to myself. I am doing an anti-inflammatory detox so to improve my mental and physical well-being, but beating myself up is the opposite of good self-care. If I had indulged in the delicious chocolate cake today it wouldn't mean I am a failure and should just give up.

Having moments of weakness actually, gives us an opportunity to grow stronger and to learn about ourselves. If you "slip up" along the way evaluate the circumstance that momentarily got you off track, reflect on it, and be better prepared when faced with a similar situation or temptation. The key to success is learning from our failures. You can't just love your pretty petals. You have to love your roots too. What I mean is, that you can't just love the end results. You have to respect the journey and the process.

Do the work, learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your accomplishments big and small! I'm proud that I said no to chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting today! I actually think I deserve a trophy or at least a plaque because that's no easy feat for me! Be proud of what you accomplished today!

Check out the link for tips on how to stick to your detox plan:

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Alicia Webb
Alicia Webb
Jun 03, 2022

Can you share the food list you mentioned above?

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