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Self-Care: Spotlight on Bella Barrita Beauty Bar

I think it is so important to treat yourself well and pamper yourself whenever you can. A friend and I were recently talking about this and the fact that there aren't any good places to get pampered in our area. And it was as if the Universe (or Alexa) was eavesdropping on our conversation because the next thing I knew I ended up stumbling across this gem just a couple of minutes away from my house.

After seeing a local news feature on Bella Barrita Beauty Bar & Salon, I jumped on their website to check it out and quickly called to schedule an appointment. When I plugged the address into good ole' Google Maps I couldn't believe it was 6 minutes from my house.

When I walked into Bella's I fell in love instantaneously with the vintage chic vibe and decor. As I was falling in the love with the aesthetics I was being greeted by Erika and her staff who I was also falling in love with at first sight. :)

I was a few minutes early for my appointment and my nail tech, Jess, was running a few minutes behind, but I wasn't asked to have a seat and wait. Instead, I was offered a glass of wine and a chair massage from Thomas. I accepted both of these offerings, had a sip of wine, and got comfy in Thomas's massage chair. I was in no hurry for Jess to finish up her previous client. I could "wait" around all day like this, but alas my time with Thomas was up and Jess escorted me (and my wine) to the most adorable manicure/pedicure room I've ever seen. I felt like they knew I was coming and installed pink chairs just for me. Jess got started on my manicure while we chatted away. She was so upbeat and friendly and really added to the entire experience. Erika joined our conversation and helped Jess with my nails. I was blown away that Erika who had other clients and services scheduled took the time to come talk with me! We had so much in common and in addition to finding a new spa to go to I found a like-minded, strong, independent, entrepreneurial female business owner.

I had such an amazing experience at Bella Barrita and I cannot wait to go back and try another service or EVERY other service. I'm also looking forward to the opportunities Erika and I can create to help support and grow each other's brands and businesses together!

Read more about self-care in my book F*UCK THAT GUY and ANYONE who stands in the way of YOUR GREATNESS

Bella Barrita – Beauty Bar and Salon. Order your copy of F*CK THAT GUY and BOOK your appointment at Bella's because it's not just a day at the spa, it's a day of self-care and self-love.

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