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It's what's on the inside that counts

We all know the saying "you can't judge a book by the cover", but for some reason, we can't help ourselves. We jump to conclusions based on first impressions all the time. It's human nature I guess. Are we superficial or just too lazy to look any further?

If you saw the title of my book, F*CK THAT GUY and ANYONE who stands in the way of YOUR GREATNESS you may have jumped to conclusions about me or the book. You might not have even taken the time to look at the entire title and totally missed the part about ANYONE that stands in the way of YOUR GREATNESS and if you missed that part you then I'm guessing you didn't take the time to flip it over and check out the back of the book. But if you took the time to read the back cover or better yet read it cover to cover you may have found something other than what you expected about the book and about the author.

I wrote this book after surviving a devastating and traumatic divorce that left me a broken, exhausted, hopeless human ready to give up. Writing this book opened up old wounds and drudged up painful memories and feelings. I cried more than one time while I was writing it and cried at the feeling of accomplishment I felt after completing and publishing it. In dragging all of those painful feelings back to the surface again I was able to continue my healing process and move my life in a positive direction. Just like when I was going through my divorce, there was more than one time I wanted to quit and give up when I was writing this book, but I made the commitment to myself that I would not let my circumstances destroy me. It was my mission to find the lesson in all that I had been through and to turn my situation from negative to positive.

I kept writing because I had a story to share that I believed could help others going through similar struggles. I wanted my readers to pick up this book and use the tools inside to help them regain their confidence. I wanted to send a message of hope and positivity. I wanted to shed light on the damaging effects of toxic relationships and toxic people. My intention was to share my stories and experiences in hopes that I could prevent someone else from making the same mistakes. I want the reader to feel a sense of connection and relatability in my story.

My book contains guides and checklists to help the reader get their life back on track after a painful or traumatic event. It provides resources and advice for someone who doesn't feel like they have anywhere to turn. It illustrates a story of how the love and support from friends and family can provide consolation in healing during our darkest hours.

So much can be found in the chapters of F*CK THAT GUY and ANYONE that stands in the way of YOUR GREATNESS, but if you made your judgment based on the cover or the title you missed an opportunity to check out the content.

Get your copy and get to know me and see what all the buzz is about!

Thinking about writing a book? Contact the team at Get it Done Publishing to get started today!

Happy reading!


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